Reduce your bodyshop's cycletime by up to 40%.

Are you struggling to consistently hit revenue targets at your shop?

Is your current scheduling system holding you back from profitability?

In 2020 the average key to key cycle time was 10.9 days. Today it is over 16 days. Longer cycle time means more chaos at the shop with less profit. We can cut yours by up to 40%.

Our AI powered scheduling system can add lost profit back to your bank account.

We're changing the industry in favor of body shops. Built by body shop owners, funded by body shop owners. Come join the movement.

Scheduling Made Easy.

The old way - Human "Push Method" Scheduling

The new way - AI powered "Pull Method" Scheduling

We put the AI in collision repAIr!
Take a look

Vaultoniq studies the efficiency of all your technicians down to the vehicle manufacturer and even day of the week. 

Beginning with your revenue target, Vaultoniq pulls work from the revenue to the initial schedule and assigns the right job to the right technician to accomplish revenue goals. 

Vaultoniq is always up-to-date and fully automated. It comes with a meeting mode to display in the shop so that all techs, production managers, and stakeholders know the status of every vehicle.

Does Vaultoniq work with CCC 1?

There is no getting around the fact that 95% of body shops use CCC1 as their estimating platform. Many shops use it for their management system and scheduling system as well, even though CCC1 wasn’t built to be a management system, and some features, such as its scheduling tool, are severely lacking in functionality and benefit to the shop. 

If you are a DRP shop, contractually, you must update the vehicle status in CCC1. Knowing this, we ensured that Vaultoniq communicated with and updated CCC1 automatically. 

Use CCC1 (or Mitchell or Audatex) to write your estimate and order your parts*, and we will take care of the rest.

Do you need a duplicate system? You would use BOTH systems but only enter the data in the appropriate platform one time. Vaultoniq automatically updates itself and CCC1. 

*Parts ordering and AI invoice reconciliation coming in a future release.

Good news for non-DRP shops

Are you a non-DRP shop and fed up with how much access CCC1 has to your data? We are the solution for you. The only thing you need to do is write your estimate in CCC1, and order parts*; the rest of the repair and process is handled in our streamlined, intuitive platform. 

*Parts ordering and AI invoice reconciliation coming in a future release.

Additional Features

Front office staff

Spend less time ENTERING...

...spend more time COMMUNICATING.

Sales, marketing and car count

Spend less time MARKETING...

...spend more time SELLING.

Increase car count, simplify online lead submissions for your prospects. Simplify online appointment scheduling.

Backordered parts communication

Spend less time APOLOGIZING...

...spend more time WOWING.

Insurer and adjuster relations

Spend less time ARGUING...

...spend more time REPAIRING.

Documentation and defense

Spend less time DEFENDING...

...spend more time WINNING.

Customer realtions management

Spend less time FIXING...

...spend more time SCALING.

Never drop another lead!
Never anger another customer!

Time savers

Spend less time SEARCHING...

...spend more time ANSWERING.

No more searching emails for an attachment.
No more searching folders for a document.
No more wasted time looking.

Reporting and forcasting

Spend less time CALCULATING..

...spend more time GROWING.

Choose your next location with revenue heat maps.

Use these insights to make smarter business decisions.
Grow your empire.


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